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Golden slot is one of the World’s largest online slots gaming websites predominantly serving the South-East Asia region. Gclub69 is proud to offer Golden Slot among the many thousands of casino online and sports betting services under their impressive banner. For those new to the Golden slot phenomenon, Gclub69 is proud to offer not just the portal by which to play the popular games that golden slot is famous for, but provide incentives and bonuses to their most valued and trusted members and customers. As a fully functioning online casino, Golden Slot offers popularly themed games like Game of thrones, Tomb Raider and other movie and pop culture referenced games. There are also live dealer games and the site is accessible by mobile devices both Iphone and Android Tel : 082-211-9093 or 082-211-9193

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How does Golden slot work?

Golden slot can be played from any browser without having to install software. There is also an app for both Android and Iphone users so for those people on the go can enjoy over 300 betting and gaming titles in 10 different languages. Not only are there gambling games available, but users can practice on a variety of free games to gain some practice. Through advanced technology, Golden Slot has built a reputation for being an efficient gambling forum with world class standards and security in place to provide a fun and safe environment for members to enjoy responsibly.

Is Multiplayer Supported?

Many of the games offered in the Golden slot itinerary are meant to be played by multiple individuals all over the world. Online Poker and Blackjack are just a few of those offered. Private pools can be set up among friends just as easily as well. Players can interact via in app messages as well as email. The goal of Golden Sun is to build a complete gambling community and interaction between members is a great part of the Golden Slot experience.


Golden Slot Games

With an array of over 300 titles and games, Golden Slot gives an endless supply of new ways to bet.  The Golden Slot Company brings together a host of licensed games from 2 main suppliers. 1X2gaming, a UK based supplier that specialize in Virtual Football, fixed odds gambling games and casino games. Micro gaming Systems is the first major online Casino game developer and supplier with over 15 years of experience. The Golden Slot Company is under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Government’s gambling and gaming laws.  They are the main distributer of the licensed games that make the Golden Slot brand so popular over Asia.

The Golden Slot Game Service brings together multiple genres of games and themes to keep the user both engrossed because of the possibilities of huge payouts but also the entertainment and interactive aspect as well. The game service includes:

  • Golden Slot Live Dealer- These live dealer games put a user in a live casino from the comfort of their home, office or on the go with a smart phone. Excellent choice for those who like the multiplayer side of gambling. Favorite games include Baccarat, Roulette, Poker and Blackjack
  • GoldenSlot Games Table-These are those traditional table top casino games, single player.
  • GoldenSlot Video Slot- Online slot machines are a big part of the Golden Slot collection. With impressive animation and graphics, they are a cut above the regular slot machine in terms of game design. “Hot As Hades” has been a widely played game in the video slot genre.
  • GoldenSlot Bonus Slot- These are the most widely played slot game among Golden Slot users. With bonus games included, these slot games have an added element to earn money.
  • GoldenSlot Feature Slot- Original high quality fantasy themed slot games. These are a more enjoyable type slot experience through content and varying levels of difficulty. Customers often times become engrossed in these slots not for the obvious monetary rewards but because they genuinely grasp the attention.

There are so many different variations for the traditional gambler as well as the modern tech savvy as well. Golden Slot Company succeeds in making gambling both entertaining and profitable.


Gclub69 Golden Slot

There are some other gaming and betting sites that offer the Golden Slot service much like Gclub69. They are legally licensed to do so and have worked out different packages with the main distributer. The main difference is that Gclub69 is able to offer their most valued and trusted members unique bonuses and deals. It is no surprise that Gclub69 is among the most popular portals to the world of Golden Slots, simply because they give so many incentives. Members can qualify for Bonus recharges of their wallets, bonus jackpots and have a chance to win a lottery prize. Gclub69 is also a quick, secure and hassle free forum by which to register. A simple call to their call center sets the customer on the right path. The friendly and helpful staff will be eager to take down the necessary banking and personal information to complete the subscription. After all the information is collected and verified, the call center staff in turn, via SMS notification, send username and password information. Through the Gclub69 website, instructions on how to install the Golden Slot app can be helpful to customers.


Gclub69 makes winning easy and thrilling for so many of the trusted customers daily. With many exclusive jackpots and bonuses available, Gclub69 member win and they win big. All this can be used towards earning more money on the Golden Slot games. With daily and weekly payouts of up to 30, 000,000 Baht, the chances to win the big jackpots are greater than ever. There are numerous other group and single bonuses that Gclub is known all over South Asia for. Just for signing up other members to Gclub Casino club member can earn 500 Baht to their account.

Gclub69 is proud to offer the Golden Slot brand of online gambling as one of their many services. Do not hesitate to open an account by contacting the call center or singing up though the website or smart phone app.