Holiday Palace

Thailand based Holiday Palace is your number one option for browser based European casino style gaming and betting. Holiday Palace is a fresh and new browser based online casino that delivers a classic casino feel, with live streams from inside the actual casino in Thailand. Holiday Palace features twenty four hour availability daily, so clients never experience any downtime. The number of games available on Holiday Palace will astound clients; there is a wide variety across many categories. Clients can play popular games such as roulette and poker, as well as lesser known games. The Holiday Palace browser is simple to use and easy to navigate, ensuring that clients do not have difficulty finding the games they want or placing bets and claiming prizes. The prizes offered up at Holiday Palace are some of the best in the business, with big payouts, promotional offerings and daily winners. Claiming prize money and winnings is as easy as all the rest of Holiday Palace processes. The odds given out at Holiday Palace are some of the best around and clients can increase the chances of being winners by bringing friends to play as guests alongside them where applicable. Give Holiday Palace a try if you are a fan of online gaming and betting, they have the best environment and the most exciting games available and are leaders in the Asian online betting industry.

How to Play With Holiday Palace

The registration process to play with Holiday Palace is a very easy and straight forward one. It involves a simple step by step process that is no more difficult than placing a telephone call. Holiday Palace prides itself on the uncomplicated procedures to use the browser and keeps things simple for ease of use for clients. To begin the process, a client must first contact Holiday Palace call center agents, requesting to open an account with Holiday Palace. The Holiday Palace call center agent will request some personal information from the client, such as name, age, phone number and banking information. This information, once received, is put through the Holiday Palace verification system, a process which does not take long. Clients can rest assured; any information divulged to Holiday Palace will be kept in the utmost secrecy, confidentiality and security. Once the information given to the Holiday Palace call center agent has been verified, the agent will send the client an SMS will Holiday Palace banking information. This is where the client will deposit the funds necessary to open the account and use for betting and gaming with Holiday Palace. The Holiday Palace call center agent again does the verification procedures, this time ensuring funds have been deposited. Once this is complete, the Holiday Palace call center agent sends the client another SMS, this time, with the username and password for use to log into Holiday Palace servers. From here, the client simply has to visit the Holiday Palace website and choose any of the portals for entry, where they will be prompted to provide the username and password received in the second SMS. Once logged in, the client will be asked to agree to the user license, a simple matter. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of use, the client is taken directly to the casino floor, where the entire wealth of options is now fully available to the client.

Holiday Palace Games

Holiday Palace features some of the most popular European style casino games in the world. Available are slot games, roulette, card games and dice games. Each game also comes with variations to playing style, to ensure clients never become bored with a particular game. Some of the games available on Holiday Palace are as follows:

  • » Card Games- some of the world’s most popular casino card games can be found on Holiday Palace. Card games like baccarat, which is immensely popular in Asia and the card game of » choice for world renowned hero, James Bond. The game of baccarat was developed in 1800’s France and is hugely popular today, with three variants of game play available.
  • » Slot Games- Holiday Palace features a number of exciting slot games, in classic as well as modern themes.
  • » Dice Games-Dice games are popular in the Asian market and Holiday Palace has a large list of different dice and video dice games available for clients.
  • » Roulette- named after the French word for wheel, roulette is the ultimate game of chance.

Holiday Palace Multiplayer Options

Holiday Palace allows and encourages clients to bring friends to play with them as guests. Where applicable, clients of Holiday Palace and their guests can play together to increase their odds of winning as well as stack prizes to generate larger payouts and multiplier effects. Clients of Holiday Palace who brings guests to play are eligible for bonus credit and other promotional prizes.


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Holiday Palace Prizes

Holiday Palace features some of the best prizes available from an online betting and gaming site. Huge cash payouts, pot bonuses, free credit and so much more are all on the table to be won by clients. There are free daily bonuses and jackpots to be won and clients can invite guests and stack up on prizes for even bigger payouts. Holiday Palace also has the best odds available to help clients become winners every time they play.