One of the best browser based online casinos available is the Thailand based Ruby1688. Ruby1688 is one of the newest and most polished browser based online casino options around. Using the latest in technology, Royal 1688 provides a fresh and exciting arena for avid betters, right in the comfort of their own home. Royal1688 is open and available for users twenty four hours a day, so there is no downtime that users are subjected to. Additionally, Royal1688 has a wide variety of casino style games in all the most popular formats, to keep you entertained easily for twenty four hours and more. The Royal1688 platform is easy to use and easy to navigate, ensuring users never have a hard time searching for games, placing bets or claiming prizes. The prizes available to be won on Royal1688 are very attractive and competitive, with giant payouts and options for stacking jackpots, multiplayer bonuses and so much more. Royal1688 is a leader in the Asian online betting and gaming market and offer some of the best European themed casino games for the enjoyment of their users.

How to get Registered and Begin Playing with Royal1688

Royal1688 prides itself on the ease of use and efficiency of use and this starts with the registration process. To begin playing on Royal1688, two simple step by step processes must be taken. While the process might seem a long one, it is in reality just two series of very short, very easy steps, which take the user directly to the casino floor once completed. No complicated forms, no long waiting periods required, getting registered on Royal1688 is merely a telephone call away. The first step is to contact Royal1688 via Royal1688 call center agents. Place the call and inform the agent that you would like to register an account with Royal 1688 after which the Royal1688 call center agent will ask for some personal data such as your name, age, address and banking information. There is a short wait after you provide the personal data, during which the Royal 1688 call center agent is verifying the information he or she has been given. All personal information and any information divulged to Royal1688, or any agents of Royal1688, is kept in the utmost confidentiality, secrecy and security. Once the information has been verified, the Royal1688 call center agent will send an SMS to the user seeking to be registered, containing Royal1688 banking information. Using this banking information, the user will deposit funds with which they would like to bet on the Royal1688 account. Once the deposit has been confirmed by the Royal1688 call center agent, a second SMS will be sent to the user’s phone with a username and password for logging into Royal1688 servers. Once this has been received by the user, they then go over to the Royal1688 website to begin the second stage of registration with Royal1688. Once at the Royal1688 website, the user must download the Royal1688 software from the website. The software is small, and does not require much space or computing power to function.  Available in Thai and in English, the Royal1688 download must then be opened and installed to the users system. This process takes only a few moments, after which the user will be prompted to select their language of choice to proceed. The Royal1688 browser will then fully install by downloading the games and final components of the browser. Once this final download and installation process is complete, the user then enters the username and password provided by the Royal1688 call center agent in the final SMS to enter the casino. After the user agrees to the license agreement, they will then open the world of options available on Royal1688. Immediately, the browser gives categories and asks the user to pick which type of games they would like to try first. The platform is very simple to browse through and games are easy to understand and use. Twenty four hour availability and a wide variety of games ensure that users of Royal1688 are never bored.

Games Available on Royal1688

Royal1688 online casino has a long list of games across differing categories for users to enjoy themselves. They feature European style card and slot games, arcade games and Asian variations to many of the popular casino games and many games popular in Asia. A small sampling of the available games on Royal1688 is as follows:

  • » Card Games– featuring some of the most popular card games in the world as well as some you have never heard of, the card game options on Royal1688 will never leave you bored. Some of the more popular featured card games are poker, which is widely touted as being the most popular card game in the world. The game originated in New Orleans in the 1800’s and has spread around the world in popularity. Poker is available in a number of variants, differing in rules or number of cards dealt. Other popular card games available on Royal1688 are Baccarat and Blackjack
  • » Slot Games– Royal1688 features a large number of video slot games in all the most popular themes. Users can enjoy classics, card themed slots or newer modern themed slot games.

Multiplayer Options Available With Royal1688

Users of Royal1688 can also bring friends into the game as guests to play alongside them. Teams of friends may also get together in groups of two and three to stack the odds in their favor for prize winning. Many times prizes can be stacked among friends or users with guests to increase payout. There are also promotional bonuses available for users who bring guests and friends to play with them on Royal1688. 


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Prizes Available with GCdlub69 and Royal1688

Royal1688 is always making users feel like winners with their daily promotions and bonuses. They also feature regular daily bonuses as well as bonuses and free credit for users who bring guests. Multiplayer stacking on pot prizes, huge cash payouts and the best stakes around are just some of the wonderful prizes users can aspire to when they play with Royal1688